Many employers now have a portal for you to access your payslips and annual P60.

TRAP: When people leave an employer, the employer usually terminates your login with immediate effect, cutting you off from accessing your Payslips & P60's.

You may need these for mortgage purposes or claiming benefits & of course tax returns.

  • When payslips are asked for, companies usually only ask for the previous 3-months, occasionally 6 or 12months; (last year a mortgage co. wanted 12-months of everything from me).
  • P60's are more important and tend to override payslips, but if you have had a pay rise or bonus, payslips can still be very helpful.


  • Download your payslip every month and retain a rolling 12-months is usually sufficient.
  • Always download your P60; Legally your are required to retain this for 6-years for tax return purposes.


  • Create a 'P60' folder on your device, icloud drive, google drive etc. and save your P60 & payslips; you can then access them from anywhere or share a cloud folder with me. If you would like assistance, call me.
  • Once you have downloaded your P60, attach to an email & email it to yourself so there is a back up in your sent items as well as received items.
    • Create a folder within your email received items 'P60', to save the incoming email so you know where a back up copy is.

For any advice, please call me.