Company Formations

First of all, if you already have a company or thinking of a limited company - here are some basic principles.


We offer a company formation service as standalone service or as a service for new & existing clients.

There are 3 ways to form a company:

Direct with Companies House - This is the cheapest way but very time consuming.

  • You are expected to learn company law and get it correct.
  • You are expected to create your own Memorandum & Articles of Association; these differ depending on:
    • The purpose of the company; e.g. General trading company, Property Management Company.
    • The type of the company; e.g. Limited by Share or Limited by guarantee.

Use a formation agent - These costs slightly more. 

  • They can supply hard copies of: certificate of incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association (known as MA&A), Combined register (this is a book or folder where you can keep a hardcopy permanent register of company changes: addresses, directors, co secretary, shareholder, shares issued, shares transfers, loan & charges & other items).
  • Formation agents will have a variety of price options; the cheapest option will be e-copies only & will exclude the above items.
  • Their obligations end once the company is formed. They will not inform you of any company law or any of your director obligations afterwards. There is a lot of HMRC filling to complete, including vat registration & payroll (PAYE) set up for the director.

Use your accountant - This is more expensive but you get what you pay for. The documents I supply includes all of the items listed in #2 above, plus all the HMRC forms required for Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, PAYE & VAT. I will also:

  • Guide you through the set up
  • Provide bookkeeping training.
  • Advise on how to organise your accounting records in paper and files on the pc.
  • On-going tax advice to be tax efficient & what can be included in your company accounts.
  • Aligning Companies House yearend dates with Hmrc Corporation Tax is not automatic but I ensure it does as standard with all clients. If this is not done, it will result in additional work that will cost additional accountants time & fees with your first yearend, but is avoidable. TRAP: THIS CANNOT BE SORTED A YEAR LATER BY THEN IT IS OFTEN TOO LATE DUE TO COMPANIES HOUSE FILING DEADLINES.
  • Ensure you meet all Hmrc deadlines & obligations.
  • There are discounts if some elements are not required or multiple formations.
  • It will cost you more for us to correct if not done correctly.
  • I provide a very comprehensive service and very good value for money.

 For further information please contact me.