Tax Advice

We provide tax advice for all areas of taxation, including tax planning ahead of time to ensure you operate your affairs tax efficiently. This includes structuring salary and dividends for limited company clients so you can retain the most disposable income possible.

Broadly speaking we claim business expenses, if they relate to the business activity. A tip ask yourself "would I spend this money anyway if I was not running the business?" If your answer is no, then this is likely to be an allowable expense for your business.

Costs that have a dual purpose are generally not claimable; e.g. you were glasses for work only; well you actually where glasses for your eyes; if your business ceased, you still need your glasses so they have a dual purpose and not claimable. Barristers cannot claim for wigs & gowns even though they are only used in the court room - we have to were clothes to look decent, thus a dual purpose.

To be allowable, all costs must meet three tests: Wholly, Exclusively & Necessarily - for the for purpose of the business.

Also we will work with you to adapt to changes is legislation to ensure you maintain tax efficiency through the change and beyond.

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